CONCERIA ITALIANA SRL was founded in 1999 and started working in the year 2000. The founding partners who have many years of experience in the leather industry started out with the intention of specializing in retanning, dyeing, fatliquoring and finishing processes.
In the following years the tannery proceeded with continuous innovating processes in order to satisfy new requests and tendencies of the market. This process was done by increasing and expanding with a large range of articles in order to meet the requests of the market and attract the attention of big national and international brands. Initially, the collections of Conceria Italiana were mainly aiming at national shoes and garment producers requiring classical products.
Over the years, the company has been investing and focusing a lot on research and development, and thereby it has been able to also offer

a range of articles for bag and small leather goods and furthermore increase its market worldwide. Conceria Italiana continues to focus on new evolving processes which are leading towards new kinds of tanning processes, finishings and technologies. These innovational steps are generating an anticipation of tendencies and requests of the market in particular regarding new environmental regulations and specific parameters for chemical substances.
One of the main goals for Conceria Italiana is to satisfy the needs and requests of customers, and therefore the company is investing and focusing appreciably on researching and developing a wide range of articles, both classical, technical and fashionable which can cover the needs of the market.

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Conceria Italiana produces half calves, calf splints and sheepskins distinctly dedicated to the production of shoes, leather goods and clothes… more


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Conceria Italiana is located on Castelfranco di Sotto, in the centre of the leather district…
Via Provinciale Francesca Nord, 175